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Xinan Evening News of the company's general interview and report, seize the opportunity to explore development


【Summary Description】Xinan Evening News of the company's general interview and report, seize the opportunity to explore development

Seize the opportunity to explore development

Record star Electronics general manager Ye Jue

Mr. Ye Jue, general manager of Shanghai Stara Electronic Instrument Co., LTD., an outstanding figure in the field of instrumentation in China, has led the company to develop vigorously with his excellent leadership and innovative spirit. He not only led the company to stand up in the market competition, but also made a series of important patent achievements in technological innovation. In addition, as a member of the Standardization Administration of China

Senior member of the National Instrumentation Society and director of the Electromagnetic Measurement Information Processing Instrument Branch of the China Instrumentation Society, Ye Jue is committed to promoting the development and progress of the instrumentation industry, and actively promoting the innovation and transformation of instrumentation from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China.

It has made great contributions to the development of the industry.

Leader in electronic instrumentation

In 1997, under the cloud of the Asian financial crisis, Mr. Ye Jue joined Stara Electronics and became an instrument technician. The company was facing a huge existential crisis at that time, but Ye Jue was not discouraged, accurately analyzed the international market situation, and decided to develop a strategic plan to move to the American market. "It's a challenge and an opportunity," he said. This move was his first step as a leader and the cornerstone of the company's flourishing. Ye Jue led the technical team through three years of hard work, technical reform and innovative research and development, and successfully launched products that meet the United States UL safety certification standards. Stara Electronics became one of the first companies in China to obtain UL safety certification, opening the door to the US market. This decision not only saved the company from the crisis, but also brought lasting competitiveness to the development of the company. However, Jue didn't stop there. In 2002, he was appointed as the general manager of Shanghai Stara Electronic Instrument Co., LTD., responsible for the overall management of the company's daily operations, the establishment of a sound management system, the review of company documents, and the coordination of the work progress of various departments. At the same time, he is deeply involved in the business management of the research and development department and guides the technical research and development work. Ensure that the company's products are constantly upgraded and optimized, and walk at the forefront of the industry. These responsibilities require exceptional leadership skills to guide the company | in a highly competitive market environment.

An enabler of technological innovation

Under Jue's leadership, the company has not only steadily increased its market share, but also achieved outstanding achievements in technological innovation

Ready. In 2005, he decided to transform the company's product line from OEM to ODM. This decision allows the company to design products,

Research and development and manufacturing have achieved complete independence, and a number of patents have been obtained. This transition increases productivity and decreases productivity

With the production cost, the company gained more sales results and profits. Jue led the technological innovation not only put the company in the industry

The company has also been invited to participate in the drafting of a number of national standards, such as GB/T22264 -- 2008 "Installed digital display electrical measuring instrument", GB/T13970 -- 2008 "Digital instrument basic parameter terms" and so on. Mr. Ye Jue has achieved a series of outstanding patent achievements in technological innovation, such as "a multimeter flexible pen and multimeter", "a pointer type multimeter ohm zero", "digital clamp ammeter locking pliers mechanism" and so on. These patent achievements not only reflect the excellent ability of Ye Jue in technological innovation, but also provide greater competitive advantage for the company's products. His innovative spirit and patent achievements have not only had a positive impact within the company, but also had a profound impact on the entire electronic instrument industry, making him a man of the moment in the field of electrical instrumentation.

Leader's mission

In the past 20 years, Ye Jue has been adhering to the strategy of technological innovation and quality improvement for the development of the company. His approach to team leadership includes the development and use of talent and an emphasis on corporate culture. His team is more like a big family full of innovation, professionalism and cooperation. Ye Jue's contribution is not limited to the company, he also actively participates in social activities, and has made outstanding contributions to the industry and society. His work has laid an important foundation for the continuous development of Shanghai Stara Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. in the field of instrumentation, enhancing the company's influence and reputation across the country and even around the world.

In short, Ye Jue is a dynamic and innovative leader, his story tells us that innovation is a key factor in the success of enterprises, and scientific development strategies and persistent efforts can create miracles.

Li Fei


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