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Xinmin Evening News interviewed the company's general manager Ye Jue


【Summary Description】Xinmin Evening News interviewed the company's general manager Ye Jue

Electromagnetic measuring instrument expert Ye Jue: Grasp the market dynamics, improve the ability of independent innovation


At the Chinese Scientists Forum held at the end of September, Ye Jue, an expert in electromagnetic measurement instruments, was awarded the "Outstanding Individual in scientific and Technological Innovation" award, which is a high recognition and commendation of his achievements by the Chinese scientific community. Ye Jue, general manager of Shanghai Sida Electronic Instrument Co., LTD., is an expert with outstanding achievements, deep experience and wide influence in the field of electromagnetic measuring instruments. He is an engineer of measurement control and instrumentation in China and a director of the electromagnetic Measuring Information Processing Instrument Branch of the Chinese Society of Instrumentation.


Under Jue's leadership, Shanghai SDAR Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. flourished and brought a series of innovations to the industry. In the early days of Stara Electronics, Ye Jue accurately observed the market trend and led the company to become one of the first companies in China to obtain the UL safety certification, which made the company not only win a reputation in China, but also successfully expand the international market. Along the way, he insisted on forward-looking strategic thinking, not only in product innovation, technology research and development to show outstanding talent, but also emphasized corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, leading the company to develop into a rare domestic electromagnetic measuring instrument field of production and research integration of high-tech enterprises.

Ye Jue is not only an outstanding entrepreneur and leader, but also an innovative technology expert. He fully directs the company's research and development department and personally engages in research and development, holds a number of patents, and has won widespread praise and recognition for technological innovation. In recent years, the two patented technologies of "a multi-purpose multimeter" and "a line finder" invented by Ye Jue are particularly eye-catching.

When using an electronic multimeter, the screen reflection often affects the reading of the meter, which is affected by the measurement conditions and operating space, and the operation is often unstable. In response to these two problems, Ye Jue developed a patented product "a multi-purpose multimeter ", and he innovated and transformed the traditional multimeter to make it more accurate, stable and efficient to respond to various electrical measurement needs.

The multimeter can adjust the Angle of the multimeter body by rotating the support plate, eliminate the reflection phenomenon of the multimeter screen, and improve the stability of the multimeter after Angle adjustment by fine structure optimization. The patented product "A line finder" also highlights Mr. Ye Jue's relentless pursuit of technological innovation in electronic instruments. The patent relates to the technical field of cable detection, the line finder includes a signal generator and a signal receiver, a connection slot is provided at one end of the signal and a signal receiver, and the signal generator can be disassembled and connected in the connection slot.

The patent can reduce the probability that the signal generator or signal receiver will not work due to loss. Both patented products have passed ETL certification and are sold in the US market. ETL is one of the oldest independent testing laboratories in the United States, responsible for testing and certifying a wide range of electronic products to meet relevant safety standards. ETL certification means that these products not only meet the strict safety standards in the United States, but also can be sold to the American market, which undoubtedly opens up a huge business opportunity for the company. In addition to these two high-profile patents, Mr. Ye Jue has invented several other patented products, which have been sold to many countries and regions in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This not only won broader market recognition for Shanghai Stara Electronic Instrument Co., LTD., but also further deepened

His technological influence on a global scale.

Ye Jue has been appointed as the director of the Electromagnetic Measurement Information Processing Instrument Branch of the China Society of Instrumentation for many consecutive years, which is a high recognition of his outstanding achievements and important contributions in the field of electromagnetic measurement instruments. The Electromagnetic Measurement Information Processing Instrument Branch is one of the most authoritative institutions in the field of electromagnetic measurement instrumentation, mainly focusing on promoting electromagnetic measurement information processing

The development and application of technology. As a director, Ye Jue has participated in the development and revision of a number of industry standards, which not only helps to ensure the unification of industry technology and safety norms, but also has an important impact on the healthy development of the entire industry. He also actively participates in various academic activities and technical promotion of the branch, and has been invited to participate in the largest event in the industry - China Electrical Instrumentation Industry Development Forum and Exhibition for many years, contributing to the promotion of technological innovation and development of the industry." In the field of instrument manufacturing, enterprises must improve their independent research and development and innovation capabilities, form their own core technologies, and constantly optimize and break through, in order to win a world in the fierce competition." "Said Ye Jue. Grasp the trend of market dynamics, adhere to technological innovation to drive the development of enterprises, down to earth, and forge ahead, which is Ye Jue's insistence over the years. (Yuan Tao)


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